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Adventist Immunologist Shares COVID Vaccine Facts


A reader of Spectrum, Dr. David Burt is an immunologist with more than 30 years research experience in universities and vaccine companies. He has led scientific teams involved in the development of vaccines against various infectious diseases, including influenza and SARS. He received his PhD in immunology from the University of Birmingham, UK, and a BSc in biological chemistry from Essex University, UK. Burt received the African Canadian Achievement Award in Science in 1997 and the Harry Jerome Award for Health Sciences in 2006 for his professional work and promotion of science in the community. Currently, Burt is President of D.S. Burt, R&D Consulting, offering independent consulting advice in biotechnology and vaccine research and development. Burt is a member of the city of Toronto’s Black Scientist Task Force on Vaccine Equity, whose mandate is to engage the communities most impacted by the pandemic around issues related to COVID-19 and vaccines. 

In the following two videos, Burt shares information about the COVID-19 vaccines in terms of benefits and risks. His remarks were given at the Arizona Conference Regional Ministries Convocation in November 2021.


Alexander Carpenter is executive editor of Spectrum

Image credit: Screenshot from Dr. David Burt Presents COVID-19 Vaccines: "Separating Fact From Fiction" via YouTube

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