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Emily Bastien is nine years old and working on her third book. Her first two books, collections of short stories about being brave and having faith, are being read by kids and parents around the US and beyond. 

Sarah Sulton tells all about the group working to promote better diversity in the world of Adventist church music.

Pastor Damian Chandler's book, The Crooked Christmas Tree, reminds readers of what's really important at Christmastime.

Dynamic preacher and television personality Carlton Byrd talks about this year's Christmas special broadcast, as well as the many exciting ministries at the Oakwood University Church — and offers some advice to our church leaders.

Ken Norton, who has served in Guam since 2015, tells about typhoon-preparedness, the Guam-Micronesia Mission’s new sailboat, the student missionaries who teach in the islands’ 11 Adventist schools, and why he likes his job so much.

An interview with Ellen G. White, in honor of her birthday on November 26. Born this day in 1827, she would be 191 years old today.

The Medical Director of the Center for Healthy Living in São Paulo, Dr. Elson Nunes, talks about the new state-of-the-art water therapy facilities now serving patients with a variety of health issues.

Justin Khoe, a digital missionary with his own YouTube channel, has amassed 70k followers who watch his videos about Bible study, heaven and church, as well as issues like drinking, sex and marriage. He talks to Spectrum about how his channel got started and why he isn't just out to convert people.

The impact of social media cannot be denied. Facebook is a world of its own, and the Wakinda SDA Fellowship Facebook group, a virtual Facebook group born out of Wakanda from Marvel’s Black Panther movie, is a world within that world that has nearly 11,000 members. It is an example of a viral sensation.

Kaleb Eisele works about 50 to 60 hours a week as a pest control technician in impoverished areas all over South Carolina. In the sanctioned hours in between setting up and taking down the pest control equipment, he sits in his work truck managing Humans of Adventism (HoA), a storytelling platform that shares the experiences and perspectives of Adventist people.