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"God, Sky & Land: Genesis 1 as the Ancient Hebrews Heard It" by Brian Bull and Fritz Guy


"Genesis 1 is a scientific presentation of the creation of the earth."
"Genesis 1 is a mythical rendition of the creation of the earth."

Is it either one?

In God, Sky & Land, theologian Fritz Guy and scientist Brian Bull take us back more than three thousand years and re-create Genesis 1 as it was heard by its original audience. With their unique retro-translation, based explicitly on the Hebrew text and dubbed the Original Hearer's Version, they lead us into the world of Genesis 1 that the post-Exodus Hebrews knew. Guy and Bull explore the explanatory concepts of the ancients and the ones we have added in the millenniums since. Most useful to the science/theology debate, the authors show how unhelpful it is to lace modern scientific demands on an ancient text.

The authors affirm that Genesis 1 is God's truth but does not and could not include all of the truth we have been given since then. They steer us away from trying to inject Genesis 1 into scientific debate and back to the rock-solid truth it reveals about God.

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