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July 11, 2019

Nathan Brown is a writer and book editor at Signs Publishing Company, based near Melbourne, Australia. He has collaborated with the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) on “The Least of These” Sabbath School Quarterly project over a period of almost 10 years.

Nathan is author/editor of 16 books, including two this year — Of Falafels and Following Jesus and For the Least of These (companion book to the third quarter Sabbath school lessons). He has completed two master’s degrees, in professional writing, and theology and justice, respectively.

In this episode we discuss his work on the quarterly, what’s just about Adventism, and how he lives the writing life. 

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Additional Resources:

For those living in the United States, a free copy of For the Least of These (plus $3 shipping) is available through ADRA. More information here. (The book is also available for purchase on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.)

Read a book review of Nathan Brown’s For the Least of These by managing editor Alisa Williams, available here.

Adventist Peace Radio, the podcast of the Adventist Peace Fellowship, has a special series of episodes for this Sabbath School Quarter. Co-hosts Nathan Brown and Lisa Diller join Jeff Boyd in leading the series in weekly conversation with a number of guests. For more information and to listen click here.

For an article by Linda Edorsson on the Adventist Record website about how the South Pacific Division is leading the Church on this quarter’s conversation, click here.

For information about this quarter’s lessons, including suggested Bible readings, discussion questions, 13 videos produced by ADRA South Pacific and more, visit their website by clicking here.


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