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Article Soccer, Eschatology, and the Kingdom – A Theological Reading of 2018 FIFA World Cup Hanz Gutierrez 06/17/2018
Article A Congregational Prayer for Father’s Day Sabbath Kendra Haloviak Valentine 06/16/2018
Article Stop Child Detentions — A Statement from Pastor Ricardo Graham, President of the Pacific Union Conference Pacific Union Conference, Ricardo Graham 06/16/2018
Article “Suffer the little children …” An Appeal from the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists 06/16/2018
Article Watch Rio Lindo Adventist Academy’s Music Video “Beautiful River” Alisa Williams 06/15/2018
Article ADRA and the European Divisions Highlight Plight of Refugees Inter-European Division, Trans-European Division 06/15/2018
Article What Does It Really Mean to be In the World but Not of the World? Tabitha Purple 06/15/2018
Article God's Seal or the Beast's Mark? Gavin Anthony 06/15/2018
Article How Healthy is Adventist Eschatology? An Exogenous Imbalance (Part 2) Hanz Gutierrez 06/14/2018
Article Brian Bull and Fritz Guy Discuss Genesis 1 and Modern Science (Part 3) David Larson 06/14/2018
Article Preparing or Preparedness? Eddy Johnson 06/13/2018
Article ADRA Officially Opens First Water Kiosk in Mozambique ADRA International, Kimi-Roux James 06/13/2018
Article Can a Leper Change His Spots? Barry Casey 06/12/2018
Article Who Really Won the Wedding Cake Case? Michael Peabody 06/11/2018
Article Lake Union Youth Petition U.S. Government on Immigration and Gun Control Debbie Michel, Lake Union Conference 06/11/2018
Article Brian Bull and Fritz Guy Discuss Genesis 1 and Modern Science (Part 2) David Larson 06/08/2018
Article End-Time Events and the Last Generation: An Interview with Dr. George Knight Dale Galusha 06/08/2018
Article America and The Two Horned Beast of Revelation 13 Ginger Harwood 06/08/2018
Article How Can We Love as Christ Loved? Aleksandar S. Santrac 06/07/2018
Article Adventist Civil Rights Leader Honored with Exhibit of Her Iconic Hats — and More News Shorts Pam Dietrich 06/07/2018
Article Fashion and Fragility Courtney Ray 06/07/2018
Article Andrews University Board of Trustees Votes to Close Dairy Alisa Williams 06/05/2018
Article The Faith of a Heretic Barry Casey 06/05/2018
Article “Till I See Jesus”: Looking for Jesus and Finding Him Near Beverly Beem, Ginger Harwood 06/01/2018
Article Brian Bull and Fritz Guy Discuss Genesis 1 and Modern Science (Part 1) David Larson 05/31/2018
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