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You Know You’re a Pathfinder When…

h/t Simone Samuels, admin for the global Oh, We Are the Pathfinders Strong Facebook group.

…Sunday just means work.

…A “friend” doesn’t necessarily mean someone who likes you.

…You constantly have to tell people that you are NOT in Scouts or Girl Guides

…Most of your panty hoses (girls) or socks (boys) are black

…The word “track” doesn’t correspond to weave/hair extensions or a race, but to paper you hand out as “evangelistic outreach”

…Sleep, especially at camp, is a precious commodity

…Mosquitoes become your friend.

…Flies don’t bother you anymore.

…You wear your Pathfinder uniform more than any other piece of clothing in your wardrobe, and people start to wonder if you HAVE any other clothes.

…”Stand at ease” is not necessarily easy.

…You prefer the smell of pine trees vs. perfume

…You own a copy of Messages to Young People, The Pathfinder Story, or the Happy Path (counsellors).

…You can’t catch a wink of sleep at “over-night prayer meeting.”

…While your friends are clubbin’ on Friday nights, you are at church

…you own no earrings or make-up — after all, where would you where them to?

…You can’t do an “updo” with your hair because you have to wear “the hat” (girls).

…You use rubberbands to hold up your socks (younger girls).

…Veggies chunks are a staple meal.

…”Showers of Blessings” and “There is Sunshine in my Soul Today,” become theme songs at camp.

…You know the brand names of vegetarian meats — i.e. Worthington’s, Morning Star, Loma Linda, etc.

…A 4 km march or walk is “not that far.”

…You have the Red Alert, CPR, First Aid, Orienteering, Advanced Swimming, and Camping Skills I-IV honours, but aren’t sure you could even save your own life.

…5:30 am or 6:30 am is a normal time to wake up.

…You can make your own furniture because you know how to “lash” and tie knots.

…You can recite a Bible verse or sing a hymn at the drop of a dime.

…Keeping the Morning Watch means more than literally watching the morning.

…You can’t even rest on Pathfinder Sabbath.

…You identify trees where ever you are.

…Nail polish isn’t for nails, but to repair runs in your stockings.

…You are appalled at the blatant disregard of flag etiquette seen around you.

…Being a counsellor is the hardest job on earth.

…You know the words to “carry your candle.”

…You spend your free time at Induction services.

…Most of your shoes are low-healed and black.

…You can stand for hours and not complain.

…You spend most of your money on stockings.

…Despite or in spite of all of this, you wouldn’t trade your memories for the world!

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