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Year-end Blog Potluck

By Alexander Carpenter & Johnny A. Ramirez Jr.
The Spectrum Blog has been taking the holiday week easy, mosty chilling with relatives and eating fondue with the Spectrum crew. Now for your Sabbath, here’s a year-end blog potluck.
Five Adventist Professors Who Blog
1. Check out David Larson‘s site, Ponder Anew! where his wife, Bronwen posts about a 60 Minutes story.
2. Jon Paulien has started a new blog, Revelation – Armageddon.  Read his take on Iraq and the Law of Unintended Consequences.
3. Check out Graeme Sharrock‘s new photograph heavy site.
4. Julius Nam of Progressive Adventism has a quick chat with our own Bonnie Dwyer.
5. Another new blog, Johnny on CPR, asks if it matters if some Jamaican Adventists don’t celebrate Christmas.
His son, Johnny, posts on Oregon Senator Gordon Smith.
Sherman Cox II points out Jan Paulsen’s recent calls for a greater presence for women in the church and an increased use of the internet.
Ansell writes about dangerous ideas that need debunking.
Marcel, over at Reinventing the Adventist Wheel posts a letter to former Adventists.
Monte Sahlin of Faith in Context ponders Time and church- Is It All About You?
The Adventist Review starts us off with their top religion news stories of the year.
Over at God’s Politics Diana Butler Bass lists her top religion books of the yearAs does Amy Sullivan.
The Barma Group lists the 12 most significant religious findings from 2006.
Blog from the Capital, a Baptist blog, has a list of top religious liberty stories of 2006
If you like that list you’ll also enjoy a similar top list from another stellar religious liberty blog, Religion Clause.

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