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Write Your Own Definition of Marriage

I got to thinking while responding to some comments in the Prop. 8 thread. (Yes, I know – to some readers that may seem like a shocking development:)

But seriously, where did we followers of Christ get sidetracked that we’re so focused on defining marriage based on gender?

What kind of public witness is this, that Christians seem more worried about the gender of a couple than fostering the safety and longterm viability of the relationships that we sanctify? When half of marriages between “one man and one women” fail – it’s a little disconcerting to think of the millions being spent to save marriage by turning that “definition” into State law.

Having been raised on Adventist Home during evening worship, not to mention seeing plenty of good and bad marriages around me growing up, it seems that there’s a lot more to defining – and LIVING in – strong Biblical relationships than just sexual mixing and matching.

Thus, forget State referenda and legalese, politics and Props.

Draw upon your experience in relationship with God and humanity and share your own definition of marriage in the comment section below.

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