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World Adventism Roundup

Loma Linda preps for new hospital.

Hobbes’ Place reports on Adventists at the American Academy of Religion meetings in Chicago.

Some questions are being raised about Adventist Health’s accounting practices. More on that here.

Local Oregon paper notes Adventist help for the hungry.

Adventist youth hold AIDS panel discussion. More on Adventists and AIDS here:

“Irrespective of the religions, the HIV/AIDS challenge has to be tackled using the help of all partners whether Government, private, NGOs and religious bodies,” said Pastor Matthew Bediako, Secretary of the Seventh Day Adventist Church General Conference, on an official visit to Mauritius last week.

Bloomberg reports the growing unrest in the Congo:

“It was Tutsis who attacked us then and it’s Tutsis who are attacking us now,” he said.

Nkunda, who is also a Seventh-Day Adventist lay preacher, led his forces to within 10 kilometers of Goma by Oct. 29. His fighters overwhelmed Congo’s army despite the presence of over 5,000 United Nations peacekeepers in North Kivu. Nkunda, who said in the past that his National Congress for the Defense of the People, or CNDP, was essentially trying to protect his Tutsi minority, now speaks of the “total liberation” of Congo.

“I have national ambitions,” Nkunda, dressed in army fatigues and wielding a cane capped with a silver eagle’s head, said in a Nov. 13 interview near the border with Uganda. “Where we are is the safest in Congo. If we can do that, we are capable of doing it on a national level.”

New York-based Human Rights Watch and witnesses such as Sinamenye dispute Nkunda’s contention and say his soldiers executed tens of civilians in Kiwanja in November.

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