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Why Are You Closed On Saturday?

Based in Takoma Park, Maryland, Tiffany King owns The Pajama Squid, a children’s store that carries a wide, if quirky, variety of quality toys, clothing and books.

Twenty-five years old, she blogs at sincerely squid about small business life, crafts and chillens, working out, and a bit o’ Adventism. -AC


“why are you closed on saturday?”

i get that question at least 5 to 6 times a week. not that i mind in the least if i am asked, i realize it is odd for a retail store to be closed on saturday, okay more like crazy.

Q: why are you closed on saturday?

A: i am closed because i am a seventh-day adventist and i believe that the seventh-day is saturday, and that is my day of rest. my sabbath. from sundown on friday to sundown on saturday.

Q: then why don’t you hire someone that isn’t a seventh-day adventist to work here so you can be open?

A: trust me. if that was okay with me, i would have done that. but i do not want to make a profit on this day. this store is a creation of who i am, and this is part of who i am.

Q: don’t you realize saturday is the biggest retail day of the week?

A: yes.

Q: so you are not jewish?

A: no.

Q: why are you so awesome? (made up question, never been asked this one)

A: well you see it all started in kenya a little girl was getting her diapers changed while monkeys lined the top of the house and watched….

-end of questioning-

saturdays i spend with my husband and God. I go to church. I make a large lunch and just absorb the peacefulness of not being “of the world” so to speak for that day. no tv. no errands. no internet. no work. no shopping. nothing that i would normally do during the week.

we take long walks. call our family and friends. read to one another and really spend time with each other.

i think everyone should take a day like this. if not for spiritual reasons then for mental health reasons.

it is freeing to take yourself away from that which is so consuming.

i think that is all the questions i get about being closed on saturday, unless you would like me to finish the monkey story?


Check out The Pajama Squid.

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