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What Being a Dad is Teaching Me about Jesus

Happy Father’s Day from Spectrum! Meet Leslie Samuel and his baby boy, Noah, and watch as this father talks about how he’s learned to trust and relax into God.

Little Noah was born in November and since then he has been the joy of our lives. I’ve learned a lot from the experience so far – even about Jesus. Does it make sense for little Noah to take the responsibility of getting to know me from the time of his birth? I didn’t think so. And I think this lesson applies to my relationship with God….

Stop trying so hard. Stop trying to put it down to a science, saying, “These are the steps that I need to take.” Just relax and tell God, “God, I want to get to know You. I know that You love me and You care for me and You want what’s best for me. Show me how to get to know You. Show me how to have this relationship, and then, guide me and lead me in the direction that you want me to go.”

So, if you have a child, think about how you nurtured them and think about the fact that God wants to do even more for you.

Leslie Samuel is a father, husband, anatomy professor, and blogger. He calls himself “just a regular guy living in this world, who believes that one person has the ability to create something that can inspire others and change the world. That simple.” Leslie blogs at


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