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The Week That Was


Many thanks to all of our readers for making last week one of Spectrum’s best.

Our coverage of the conference on sexuality in South Africa sponsored by the General Conference brought 31,062 visits to our website, a 14% increase over the previous week. We had 18,652 unique visitors. And they stayed to read. There were 71,729 page views, a 24% increase over the previous week.

Many commenters expressed their appreciation for Larry Geraty’s in-depth reporting of the event, and when Robert Sonter made a donation and encouraged others to do the same, we received over $500 from a total 7 donors.

A special thank you to all of these generous people.

Our dream as a web team has been to add more coverage of events such as this special GC conference, so it was a delight to see that material appreciated by our members and visitors.

As we look ahead to the rest of this year and next, there are several such events that we would like to cover with a strong bench of reporters. If you value the independent reporting that you read on our web site, we invite you to join our Global Community Campaign. Donate today or the next time you are on our website.

Again, my thanks to all: to you for reading, to Larry for making the trip and reporting in such a way that we all felt as though we had attended the meeting, and to our kind donors for their support of the conversation that keeps us in community with each other.

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