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Vote Postponed on La Sierra Bylaw Changes

While the members of the La Sierra University Constituency gathered today at Westlake Village, California, the home of the Pacific Union Conference office, no vote was taken on the proposed changes to the University bylaws.

On Wednesday, LSU President Randall Wisbey informed the faculty that last week a question had arisen about the meeting’s location. He said, “The Bylaws specify that constituency meetings are to take place on the La Sierra University campus. However, no mention of location is included in the Bylaws section dealing with special sessions.”

When University Counsel Kent Hansen was asked to offer an opinion on this location question, he advised that the meeting in Westlake Village would not fulfill the location requirement of the Bylaws.

“We had scheduled this special meeting in Westlake Village to accommodate church leadership and those attending the previously scheduled Pacific Union Executive Committee meetings,” Wisbey said. “This was, however, an inadvertent mistake. Any constituency session, regularly scheduled or special, must take place on our campus.”

The decision was made to continue with the Thursday meeting as an information session only, with time given to the constituents to ask questions and to offer suggestions. However, no formal votes were taken.

A new date will be set for a meeting on the LSU campus before the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Senior Commission meets on June 19.

It was WASC that suggested changes needed to be made to the LSU bylaws.

The proposed changes to the Bylaws, plus information about them can be read here:

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