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Vote to Help an Adventist School Get Fifty Laptops

The Shoal Creek Adventist Elementary School in Sharpsburg, GA (just south of Atlanta) with about 50 students is in the running to receive 50 laptops from Charter Cable. They are in third place in the voting and need about 2000 votes to jump up to the top two, which will both receive 50 laptops. The deadline for votes is September 20.

Click here to directly vote for the school. (Takes about a minute, email address required.)

Shoal Creek Adventist School is a small Seventh-day Adventist school in Sharpsburg GA. It is a terrific little school with superb teachers and outstanding academics. It has a kind and nurturing environment. Enrollment is not restricted to Adventists and many students in the community have found refuge here from the sometimes cruel reality of other schools.

I wish every child had a place like this to go to school. They turn away no one, even those who cannot pay. Both my son and daughter have been attending since Kindergarten. They LOVE going to school. I sometimes joke with the car line supervisor that they better get out of the way when they open my car door in the morning because they might get run over! I can’t say enough about how great they are.

My husband recognized how great this school is and a few years ago agreed to become the School Board Chairman. He and the other board members have worked tirelessly to improve the school and raise funds so that anyone who wanted to attend could do so. Two weeks ago while on our family vacation to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming my husband, Joel Regarido, lost his life while saving our son from the current of the Snake river. Our family as well as the school have been devastated. I was reading my email and noticed this contest and thought “Man, my husband would LOVE for something like this to be done for Shoal Creek”” so I am writing this in hopes you will consider Shoal Creek for this honor. I am including a link to one of the many news reports on the death of my husband. This particular report was filmed in the school parking lot!

Thank you for your consideration,

Eva, Joey and Jamie Fegarido

Click here to see Shoal Creek Adventist Elementary School’s current ranking. (Select “Ranking” on the right of the page.)

Click here to directly vote for the school. (Takes about a minute, email address required.)

This was sent to Spectrum by Todd Leonard who pastors the Canton Adventist Fellowship and Buchhead Community Fellowship, two progressive, missional, accepting Adventist churches in the greater Atlanta area.

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