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Video|Adventist News: Praying for Gas Prices?

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The Baltimore Sun writes:

Standing alongside a row of gas pumps at a Shell station, Rocky Twyman joined hands with several cohorts, prayed to God for economic and social relief then sang “We Shall Overcome” – inserting the lyrics “We’ll have lower gas prices” the second time around.

For nearly a month, Twyman, a Rockville resident who serves as music director for a Baltimore church, has been praying at gas pumps – and anywhere else he is welcome – asking God to lower prices. Of course, since he started his prayer campaign, or what he calls a movement, the price of gas just keep inching upwards.

. . .

“This has exploded,” said Twyman, 59. “The big thing about this movement is that it’s giving people hope.”

He says that in Florida, gas prices fell after his radio appearance and some people, inspired by his example, have started praying at the pump on their own.

With prayer and more prayer, he believes prices will come tumbling down like the “walls of Jericho.”

“It could be Buddha. It could be the Dalai Lama,” said Twyman, himself a Seventh Day Adventist, who believes the spike in oil prices and natural disasters of late are a sign that the end of the world is nigh (sic).

First, it’s Seventh-day Adventist.

Second, sure, I understand that most Americans (not new to others) don’t like paying so much for gas, but is praying for cheaper fuel the best way to change monetary and energy policy? Apparently some have imported – to markets – the sports tradition of thinking that prayer determines games. Oh look, there’s the state heads of the lead oil producer and the lead oil consumer folding hands. . .

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