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Video: Pacific Union Conference Special Constituency Session


The full archival video of Sunday’s Pacific Union Conference Special Constituency Session in Woodland Hills California is available online for playback. To review the entire event as it unfolded, follow this link. Note: audio on the video’s playback is low. You can adjust the volume on the player, and raising it all the way helps.

Photos of the session from PUC Communications Department available here.

At 10:25 in the video, Ricardo Graham welcomes delegates followed immediately by Dr. Heather Knight’s invocation

12:30 – Graham welcomes delegates and special delegates

18:00 – Graham’s homily based on Zechariah 4:6

22:00 – Elder Arnold Trujillo leads in “Season of Prayer”

27:30 – Inspirational multimedia presentation

30:45 – Prayer Team leaves to commence praying for the duration of the meeting

32:00 – Elder Brad Newton notes quorum present, and Graham calls meeting to order

34:00 – Graham reviews use of voting devices and explains ground rules

40:20 – Appointing of parliamentarians

42:45 – Graham invites Wilson to speak; Wilson asks Dan Jackson to go first

43:20 – Elder Elder Dan Jackson speaks

1:00:00 – Jackson finishes and Wilson begins speaking

1:14:50 – Wilson calls on Elder Lowell Cooper to speak to delegates

1:22:25 – Cooper finishes; Wilson calls Elder Armando Miranda to speak

1:29:40 – Miranda finishes, Wilson speaks again

1:35:50 – Delegate calls point of order, explaining that there is much to cover on the agenda; Graham asks that Wilson be allowed to come to completion.

1:41:10 – Wilson finishes his remarks

1:42:00 – Elder Ernest Castillo speaks to delegates and to General Conference leaders

1:58:35 – Elder Larry Caviness speaks

2:04:40 – Pastor Andrea Trusty King shares her call to ministry

2:15:35 – Pastor Randy Roberts speaks to issues of Bible, Church Policy and Church Unity

2:43:00 – Legal Counsel John Daggett adresses byalaws issues vis-a-vis ordination vote

2:46:35 – Newton continues explaining the reasons for changing bylaws–report from bylaws committee

3:02:50 – Newton moves recommended bylaws change. Motion seconded.

3:03:33 – Graham offers prayer, then opens floor for discussion.

3:04:40 – Dr. Larry Geraty from Riverside, CA first delegate to speak: “I move the previous question.” Motion seconded.

3:05:30 – Delegates vote the motion, which would end debate.

3:06:15 – Results of vote announced: 63% “yes,” 37% “no” The motion fails by 3% because 2/3 majority needed

3:06:25 – Discussion of bylaws change commences

3:13:25 – Pastor Doug Batchelor speaks to the motion

3:28:30 – Delegate moves the previous question, delegates approve.

3:29:30 – Delegates vote on proposed bylaws change 65% “yes,” 35% “no” (280 to 149). The motion fails by 1%

3:30:30 – Brad Newton discusses second agenda item – Vote to ordain without regard to gender

3:31:30 – Discussion of second motion commences

3:34:45 – Pastor Hugo Leon of Northern California Conference moves to table the motion and refer it to General Conference

3:35:50 – Graham announces that parliamentarians have said tabling motion is out of order.

3:39:00 – Pastor John Brunt speaks to the motion, citing four female colleagues at Azure Hills Church

3:40:00 – Pastor Stephen Bohr speaks to the motion

3:43:10 – Pastor Doug Batchelor speaks

4:17:50 – Pastor Edna Asencio of Southeastern California Conference shares her call to ministry and moves previous question

4:23:55 – Delegate Alice Soderblom from Southeastern California Conference offers prayer

4:26:00 – Newton reads motion that PUC ordain without regard to gender, delegates vote

4:26:50 – Results of the vote announced: 79% “yes,” 21% “no.” The motion passes.

4:27:30 – Graham’s closing remarks and prayer







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