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Video: Church Leaders Introduce ‘Comprehensive Urban Evangelism’

In this Adventist Mission video, president Ted. N.C. Wilson follows up his Annual Council sermon to the church’s executive leaders and introduces his “mission for the cities” to the congregations. He is joined in this presentation by vice-presidents Mark Finley and Mike Ryan, Adventist Mission director Gary Krause, and Jerry Page, Ministerial Secretary.

It is interesting to hear how each one interprets the meaning of “comprehensive urban evangelism.” It appears that this will begin with Ted Wilson holding evangelistic meetings in New York City, and then each Division will pick a city and then Unions and finally Conferences. In all, the plan is that 630 cities “will be targeted.” Krause emphasizes a holistic approach.

Overall, I was struck by how much the rhetoric touches the emotional, with Wilson asking us to weep for the cities, and Jerry Page appealing for help by reminding us that Jesus loved the cities because he sent Jonah to “get” Ninevah and concluding that “we’re not going home until we reach every one of those children He loves with The Three Angels’ Messages and to know Jesus and experience a living walk with Him.”

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