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Video | Bill Cosby at Adventist Church

According to the Hartford, Connecticut Courant, “More than 1,000 people heard Cosby at the Faith Seventh-day Adventist Church on Woodland Street. The event was organized by Steve Perry, principal of Capital Preparatory Magnet School in Hartford, and the church’s pastor, Stephen Williams.

Using slavery in a historical context, Cosby reminded the mostly African American crowd that they represent a community of strong people who overcame unimaginable obstacles, and they didn’t do it so that today’s generation can flunk out of school, sell drugs or go to prison.”

Today, we have children saying that they won’t live to be 25. So, they are doing dumb things, committing suicide on each other. … If you want to turn your heads, step over the falling people, [then] pay no attention to your children. Apathy! Apathy! That’s why I’m here. I want to pull the scab off until it stings. Why don’t you speak to your children? Straighten them out,” said Cosby, who turned 71 on Thursday.

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