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Video | Adventist community at its best?

Pastor Ryan Bell writes:

Today we started a new sermon series at the Hollywood Adventist Church called “Working for Life.” For six weeks we’ll be exploring and building a theology of work together. If you want to follow along from a distance you can subscribe to our podcast (click here).

As a part of this sermon series, one of our members, Kelsy Jarboe, is creating short documentaries about some of our members and what they do for work. It’s a simple way of telling our stories related to our work life. Here’s the first installment with musician and music instructor, Melinda Rice. It’s only 2:20 minutes long.

I found this video deeply moving. I resonate with how Melinda articulates a sense of mission in her work. And helping church members get to know each other like this really fits my definition of community.

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