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Union College Nursing Students Host Fundraiser for Heather Boulais


Omaha, Nebraska’s KETV News Channel 7 reports that Union College nursing students held a well-attended fundraiser for Heather Boulais, a Union College student who has been in critical condition since falling to the gym floor during a gymnastics practice in January. Boulais’ medical expenses have been growing steadily since the accident as she has undergone a series of expensive procedures.  According to Heather’s mother, Cheryl Daarud Boulais, who regularly updates a Facebook page entitled “Prayers for Heather,” the young gymnast has been progressing well. On March 20, Cheryl Boulais wrote,

This has been an encouraging week. We have seen many smiles and an increase in movement and responses. Her tracheostomy was removed, her CT looks good, and all of her stitches have been removed. With no more planned surgeries, we are praying for and looking forward to continuous positive progress towards recovery. We humbly thank you for your faithful prayers and support.

But Heather’s extended hospital stay has become expensive. In order to help defray the costs, Union’s nursing students approached faculty about hosting a fundraiser in Heather’s name. The event, they say, was a success.

From KETV 7, “Union College nursing program holds fundraiser for student.”

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