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Un-conventional Praying?

Donald Miller, best-selling author of Blue Like Jazz led the Democratic National Convention in prayer on the first night of their gathering in Denver. Noteworthily, Miller prayed to God the Father and ended in the name of Jesus. What is going on in America? And what was with the first public “debate” of the Presidential Elections happening in church?

Watch these clips of Donald Miller describing his hopes for the Democratic Party to Christianity Today and his benediction to close out day one of the Convention. Then, just one question: does this spell the end of any appeal Donald Miller might have had with the “Evangelical” crowd?

Concerning prayer at the Democratic Convention, the Washington Post also reports that Joel C. Hunter, a Florida megachurch pastor and registered Republican, will deliver the convention’s “keynote” prayer at Invesco Field after Barack Obama accepts the nomination there. It is worth noting that Hunter, in addition to aligning himself with the GOP also speaks out against abortion.

What is going on in America?

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