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A Tribute to the Families Who Died in Montana

Our hearts are very heavy for the Jacobson, Ching, Feldcamp and Pullam families and the tremendous, unspeakable grief with which they must be dealing. Dr. Erin Jacobson is the son of Dr. John & Judy Jacobson, long-time Spectrum Advisory Council members and the nephew of Dr. Gordon Rick (Judy’s younger brother), former AF board member. It was my privilege to work with both father and son at St. Helena Hospital.

John and Judy were thrilled when Erin and Amy made the choice to begin his ophthalmology practice at St. Helena Hospital, so they could spend time with their grandchildren. Erin and Amy were often seen at the PUC church or around town walking with all three of their precious children (pictured below).

Not only was Erin extremely competent professionally, but he had a winsome smile and a warm personality, endearing him to my patients, especially the older ladies. Compassion and generosity were values that he lived daily. When my niece was visiting, she had a painful eye irritation and was unable to wear her contact lenses. I insisted that she go see Erin who fit her into his schedule and treated her without payment.

Although I didn’t know the other families personally, all of these families have had a great impact in their local Adventist churches and their communities, but the circles spread much farther beyond that.

With the exception of the pilot, all the adults on the plane were alumni of Pacific Union College and Loma Linda University. Brent and Kristen Ching (pictured above) are related to or known by scores of Adventist Chinese-Americans. We need to share the many stories that remain to be told about these amazing young families and the lasting legacy they have left in countless places.

As an Adventist Forum family, we will pray–and look forward to that great reunion day. . .

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