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Torture, Hitchens & Our Moral Witness

For those who aren’t familiar his work, Christopher Hitchens is a conservative writer who supports the occupation of Iraq and the (endless) War on Terror in general. Hitchens recently submitted himself to the “enhanced interrogation technique” known as waterboarding. His verdict: “Believe Me, It’s Torture“.

I’m a single issue voter in this election, and that issue is torture. Politically that’s an easy place to be, because I believe both candidates are against torture. McCain has been tortured, and it seems that everyone who’s been tortured doesn’t want America practicing it. But, McCain’s consituancy is more pro-torture than Obama’s, which means I vote Obama (more on that later).

I believe that torture/cruelty is a watershed issue, because what we allow our military to do to non-citizens abroad will eventually come home (Revelation 13 stuff, as we Adventists say). If you don’t believe that’s necessarily true, read or watch or listen to something by Philip Zimbardo or Naomi Wolf. If you think that torture is necessary to defend America, well, read all of Hitchens’ article, but also check out McClatchy’s eight-month investigation, Guantanamo: Beyond The Law.

Now, if you want to do something to help correct America’s course, I recommend joining the National Religious Campaign Against Torture. Torture is a moral issue, and Christians have an obligation to oppose it.


Currently studying at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Pastor David Hamstra blogs at apokalupto.

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