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Top Spectrum Stories of 2013


As we look back on 2013, we can truly say that the Spectrum blog is fulfilling its mission of fostering community through conversation. More and more people are clicking through to the Spectrum blog to find Adventist news, behind-the-scenes views and thoughtful commentary. 

In 2013, the Spectrum blog got 2.3 million page views and 1.8 million unique page views – a record. 

The biggest story of the year was Sandra Roberts’ election as the first woman to be president of an Adventist conference, and Spectrum brought you firsthand reporting from the constituency meeting. Jared Wright’s story received 11,531 views (and 1,083 comments), and our earlier story on her nomination had 9,798 views. Trevan Osborn’s response, An SECC Delegate Responds to GC Executive Officers, had 6,754 views. On the same topic of women’s ordination – which we confess we have covered somewhat exhaustively in our quest to provide complete coverage of the issue – NAD Affirms Women’s Ordination, had 6,587 views.

Our recent story, also by Jared Wright, about the Highland View Academy Chaplain Dismissed Over Same-Sex Wedding, received 18,500 page views and the most comments of any single story during the year, at 1,144 (as of today). The next biggest story about same-sex couples was Lisa Clark Diller’s story, Why Collegedale Voted to Give Family Benefits to Same­-Sex Couples, which had 8,969 views.

It’s Complicated, Luke Whiting’s personal story about his journey through Adventism, was one of the most widely-read stories, with 9,669 views and 552 comments.

Other particularly popular stories of 2013 included Senator Ted Cruz’s Adventist Connections (8,740 views),  Top Ten Things I Wish I Could Change About the Adventist Church by Ken McFarland (7,623 views) and Loren Seibold’s The Trouble with Famous Adventists (7,049 views).

So we can congratulate ourselves on our thoughtfulness, our willingness to engage with tough topics and our intellectual approach to Adventist issues. But the Spectrum blog story that was viewed more times than any other story this year – by a wide margin? Con Los Adventistas: Higher Ed. Does the Harlem Shake, a collection of videos of Adventist college students doing the viral dance last February, got 27,054 views.

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