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The Top Five Reasons Jesus Was A Liberal

This continues our series, Five Reasons Jesus. See the first one, The Top Five Reasons Jesus Was A Fundamentalist, here. -AC

The Top Five Reasons Jesus Was A Liberal

  • He told rich people to redistribute their wealth among the poor (Matt 19:21).
  • He taught his followers to forgive debts and expect nothing back when they lend (Matt 6:12, Luke 6:35).
  • He was a pacifist (Matt 5:44).
  • He told the religious establishment that justice and mercy were more important than precisely following God’s commands (Matt 23:23).
  • He lived off the handouts of rich women because he didn’t work for a living (Luke 8:3).

I’m using the term liberal politically, not theologically. Which isn’t to say that Jesus was a socialist or communist revolutionary. But given the above, I can’t see him getting a friendly reception on FOX News.

Next up: the top five reasons Jesus was a charismatic


David Hamstra is a Divinity student at Andrews University. He has a BA from Canadian University College and was a pastor in Grande Prairie, Alberta for nearly four years. He blogs at apokalupto.

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