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Top 12 of 212: Insights from the Interviews Section


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In our Spectrum community, introductions don’t always begin with “Hello, my name is __________.” You’ve also met Spectrumites at the end of each article, and gotten to know an author through his or her ideas, and readers through their comments. Through the website’s Interviews section, Spectrum also introduces you to new conversation partners and new insights from familiar Adventist figures.

Bonnie Casey, folk singer, and former Adventist theology major Burton Villaverde have been two of 2012’s most commented-on interviews. You may also recognize Casey’s interviewer, Alita Byrd, a regular contributor to the Interviews section and reporter for Spectrum. A visit to the journal’s archives yields articles such as “Fifty Years of Selling Choplets” (begins p. 36), featured in the Summer 2009 issue. In this piece, Byrd speaks with Allan Buller, a former president and chief executive of Worthington Foods executive who joined the company as a young ex-soldier, immediately after World War II.

You can meet one of Adventism’s most influential theologians in the Spring 2001 issue (the interview begins on p. 18). Jack W. Provonsha talks with David R. Larson and Bronwen F. Larson about the “commotion” surrounding his first book and his recollections of Spectrum’s earliest days.

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