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Top 12 of 2012: Speaking Against Adventist Arrogance


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In one of Spectrum’s most-visited news items of 2012, U.S. Senate Chaplain Barry Black and Wintley Phipps spoke in a YouTube video against the disinvitation of T.D. Jakes to Oakwood University. Alexander Carpenter notes in the article “Barry Black and Wintley Phipps on Adventist Arrogance and the Oakwood T. D. Jakes Disinvitation” that “Chaplain Black shared how he was cautioned away from civil right activism while at the seminary. Wintley Phipps used the word ‘arrogant’ repeatedly to describe some Adventists who don’t allow non-Adventist ministers to speak to us.”

Not only can you can watch the video on Spectrum, you can also go directly to the key moments when Black and Phipps discuss arrogance, where our ministers fail, and Ted Wilson’s statement about not clapping and about our propped-up church growth.

Elected in June 2003, Black is the first African-American and the first Seventh-day Adventist to be the chaplain of the United States Senate. When he was one year into this position, Spectrum editor Bonnie Dwyer spoke with him about his thoughts on prayer, in “Praying for Peace, Praying for Presidents” (begins p. 73), for the Spring 2004 issue of the journal.

“A prayer should sing,” says Black. “Music and scripture season prayer.” To him, public prayer is “an act of communion with God … an effort to bring the people listening into an environment of worship.”

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