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Top 12 of 2012: Sabbath School Section Features Creation


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One of 2012’s most commented-on articles in Spectrum’s Sabbath School section began as a comment on the Sabbath School lesson for the second week of January. In “Curious Comments About Science in Glimpses of Our God,” Phillip Brantley discusses the contrast between science and Seventh-day Adventism suggested by the Teacher’s Notes to the Sabbath School lesson.

Brantley writes, “I suppose we can charitably give the author a pass for conflating and confusing methodological naturalism with uniformitarianism and by suggesting that 2 Peter 3:4 is a Scriptural refutation of either. And we can charitably overlook the author’s characterizations about deep time and biological change. But what is difficult to overlook is the curious approach to science, the scientific method, and scientists that the author’s comments reflect. Perhaps the author does not realize how offensive and clearly erroneous the comments are.”

Creation is the focus of the first Sabbath School guide of 2013. Spectrum’s archives feature an abundance of pieces on the topic, and you might find yourself turning to them as a resource throughout the coming quarter. Examples include Molleurus Couperus’s 1974 editorial, “Science and Theology” (begins p. 5), in which Couperus discusses the position of the Adventist scientist.How has the Spectrum community affected your perspective on science and theology?

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