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Top 12 of 2012: Reporting on the 2012 Annual Council


Update: We’ve already raised $4,315 within a week. Thank you for helping us reach our $10,000 goal by Dec. 31, 2012!

From wherever your location Oct. 12-17, you could join Spectrum’s editor Bonnie Dwyer in Silver Spring, Md., for the 2012 Annual Council. Her Annual Council diary (see below for links) shares each day’s events, from Friday’s skits about the importance of following policy, to Wednesday’s striking statistics from the Seven Campaign. And in a followup article, Dwyer reflects on the reduction in the tithe percentage that North America sends to the General Conference, and the 2013 General Conference budget, restructured accordingly.

You can revisit the 2012 Annual Council in Dwyer’s journal below:







At any time, you can travel to Annual Council and General Conference sessions of the past, through the journal’s archives. In light of this year’s discussions about unity and policy, certain arguments may seem especially familiar. For example, in the September 1995 issue, John Brunt’s article “World Church Takes Control” examines changes in church organization and structure that increase world church authority, voted at that year’s General Conference session (article begins p.14).

Which of these yearly meetings was meaningful for you? Please share your memories with us, in the comments section below. As you do, consider how Spectrum provides you with frontline reporting on major Adventist events. This year, you’ve also joined us as we live blogged the Pacific Union Conference Special Constituency Session’s vote on women’s ordination in Woodland Hills, Calif. Your financial contribution makes it possible for us to provide you with similar on-location reporting next year.

Thank you for supporting Spectrum. We are so grateful for your help as we reach toward our $10,000 goal, and welcome in the new year.



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