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Top 12 of 2012: Previewing Votes on Women’s Ordination


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Before the Pacific Union Conference Constituency meeting on Aug. 19, Azure Hills Church’s senior pastor John Brunt wrote about how he planned to vote on ordination without regard to gender. Brunt lists the four reasons—organization, the Bible, logic and the influence of our ministry—for his support of women’s ordination, in “How I Plan to Vote on Women’s Ordination.”

Brunt writes, “GC policy is like the dictionary. Words only make it in after people have used them. Nothing gets into GC policy until local organizations have had the courage to move ahead. This is not disloyalty. It is reality.”

A quick search through Spectrum’s journal archives yields more than 15 articles authored by Brunt. In “How My Mind Has Changed and Remained the Same with Regard to Biblical Interpretation,” Brunt looks back after 24 years on his understanding of the text. He suggests that “a useful analogy to illuminate the role of the text in first-century culture might be the role of musical notation in today’s culture.” Continuing, Brunt writes that “musicologists and music historians can explain a lot about a symphony. But it takes a conductor and an orchestra to interpret truly, for the music is only interpreted when it comes alive and is heard.”

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