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Top 12 of 2012: How “Seventh-Gay Adventists” Affected Adventism


With “Seventh-Gay Adventists,” documentary filmmakers Stephen Eyer and Daneen Akers changed the Adventist conversation about homosexuality. Showing moviegoers the haystacks-eating, Sabbath-observing people at the heart of this issue led to reactions from both sides. You may have followed the discussion through Spectrum’s articles like “A Response to Andy Nash’s Review of ‘Seventh-Gay Adventists’” by Daneen Akers, or read her updates about the film’s successful screenings.

Spectrum has provided you with reflections on homosexuality and Adventism since 1982. In its 12th issue, Spectrum published one of the early discussions of Adventists and homosexuality, a special features section with articles such as “Growing Up Gay Adventist” by Colin D. Cook.

Perhaps you’ve seen how the conversation about homosexuality continues on Spectrum’s blog. Have you watched “Seventh-Gay Adventists,” or participated in a conversation thread with someone who has? Spectrum is your home for community discussion, and we are so grateful you are part of it. And like any residence, Spectrum and its website need your involvement in its maintenance. Thank you for donating to Spectrum, for helping to cover our community costs.

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