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Top 12 of 2012: Discussing the Sanctuary Doctrine


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In an article with over 1,000 comments since its posting on Spectrum, physicist George P. Saxon applies mathematics to one of Adventism’s core doctrines: the Investigative Judgment. “The Investigative Judgment Really Ended in 1846” reveals Saxon’s findings in its title. The author also asks readers, “In 2012 many young Adventists have never heard of this doctrine, and they never talk about it. Is this doctrine still relevant?”

Whether online or in the journal, Spectrum has been your source for important conversation about Adventism’s 24th fundamental belief. “Sanctuary: Person, Place, or Thing?” a special section in the Winter 2005 issue, offers thoughts from authors Ross E. Winkle and Norman H. Young, which are available through the journal’s archives. In “Disappearing Act: 
Hiram Edson’s Cornfield Experience” (begins p. 46), Winkle explains how a reference by Clifford Goldstein led Winkle to investigate whether Edson actually experienced a vision—and why it “has become, in a number of ways, a ‘disappearing act’ within the Seventh-day Adventist Church.”

Young notes that “The Seventh-day Adventist Church often treats moral lapses more tolerantly than a sincere doubt expressed about our exposition of the 2,300-day teaching in Daniel 8:14” in his article, “The Sanctuary: The Essence of Adventism” (begins p. 61). Through a clear outline of what the essence of this teaching is and is not, Young explores why Adventism’s belief in the sanctuary doctrine has been nominated as “our only unique belief.”

What has been your experience with the sanctuary doctrine? How have conversations on the website, or prompted by journal articles, affected your perspective? Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights with your conversation community.

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