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Top 10: Spectrum Articles

Here on the Spectrum Blog we’re taking it a little easy through the holidays and counting our blessings. As the site inches toward the big one million pageviews mark we’re going to be counting several year end top ten lists. The first is the top ten most read articles this year on the whole Spectrum site.

10 Adventist Ideas Whose Time Has Come

9 Revisiting Ellen White on Masturbation

8 Southern California Conference to Spend 1 Million to Televangelize LA

7 Describing Desmond Ford’s Faith

6 Atonement at the Cross

5 Adventist Political Hopeful Speaks to Neo-Nazi Group

4 This Evangelism Corrupts Adventism

3 Ellen White: Paragon of Adventism

2 Why Adventists Should Consider Supporting Gay Marriage

And the number one post on Spectrum. . .

1 Before He Speaks: Pastors’ Wives Parody with 69,647 pageviews.

Which post, on this list or not, was your favorite this year?

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