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Top 10 Spectrum Articles – 2009

Here are the top ten article as counted by visits on this site for 2009. We wanted to give our readers a quick way of catching up on the hottest conversations happening in Adventism. Plus, just looking at the titles, one can see the central issues among us, these days.
10. Creation: Fiddling While Rome Burns – Charles Scriven
9. “Hate Homosexuality, Love the Homosexual” – Critique of Andrews Homosexuality Conference – Jared Wright
8. What the Public Really Says about Adventist Evangelism – Alexander Carpenter
7. Seventh-day Adventism and Dishonesty – James Alexander
6. Book review: Three Voices on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design – David A. Pendleton
5. A Letter to Dwight Nelson – David Potter
4. Educate Truth and Consequences: The Assault On La Sierra University Continues – Jared Wright
3. Finding Middle Ground: Jan Paulsen Speaks on Issue of Origins – Bonnie Dwyer
2. Creation Wars – Charles Scriven
Although it’s not an actual title, the Sabbath School Lesson Commentary gets more clicks than any individual article.
And the most visited article this year on the Spectrum site. . .
1. Unraveling a Witch Hunt: La Sierra University Under Siege – Spectrum Editors
Does anyone doubt that the issue of science vs. Biblical literalism was the central flash point in 2009?
What will 2010 bring?

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