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Three Angles News – New Details on Church’s Cyber Theft Case


1. New details reveal the method by which the SDA church became the victim of cyber theft, resulting in the loss of $500,000.  During four weeks last year, a church employee’s Gmail was hacked, falsely authorizing the release of funds.

2. The body of Teleka Patrick, a graduate of Loma Linda Medical School who has been missing since December, may have been found. A body found in an Indiana lake is yet to be identified, but her family members suspect it is their relative.

3. While performing a routine during a cheerleading competition, a female student at the SDA Northern Caribbean University (NCU) imitated a groom on a wedding cake and kissed her “bride’s” hand.  The student contests the disciplinary actions that have singled her out, suspended her for two weeks, and banned her from further student activities.

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