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Three Angles News – Loma Linda Graduates Win on Meaningful Work Metric


1. Graduates of Loma Linda University rank number one among universities in finding their careers meaningful, according to survey company PayScale.  Of the 1.4 million college alumni from over 1,000 US colleges surveyed (including Ivy League schools), LLU grads found their work the most rewarding, even though their jobs were not high-paying, an article in The Atlantic reported.

2. A Dunkin Donuts in Asheville, North Carolina, is going to federal court to answer charges that it practiced religious discrimination against Seventh-day Adventist Darrell Littrell when it rescinded his job offer after he refused to work on Friday night. A local franchise of Dunkin’ Donuts will go to federal court to answer charges that it refused to hire an Asheville man who could not work on Saturday because of his religious beliefs.

3. The Adventist Development and Relief Agency is establishing two temporary health camps in western Nepal to assist some of the 180,000 people still affected by last month’s deadly flooding. ADRA’s four health facilities in the area were destroyed.

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