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Three Angles News – Church Claimed Negligent in Sexual Abuse Case

1. The Adventist Church is being sued for negligence because it transferred a pastor who was a known sexual offender from Uruguay to Chicago in 2000, where he then allegedly sexually abused a boy. The North American Division, the Lake Region Conference and the Illinois Conference are all named as defendants in the sexual abuse lawsuit.

2. An Anglican missionary is trying to raise funds to go to Pitcairn Island, where the only church is the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Pitcairn islanders (mostly descendents of the sailors from the HMS Bounty who mutinied in 1789) were Anglicans before they became Adventists in the 1880s.

3. The Adventist Church’s smoking cessation program called “Breathe Free” is going to be used by Jamaica as its minister of health works on a plan for a smoke-free society. 

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