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Three Angles News – Assault and Robbery on Andrews Campus


1. Three suspects have been arrested and are in the Berrien County jail after a series of assaults and armed robberies on the Andrews University campus on Saturday night, March 29. The campus was on lockdown for a short time. University president Niels-Erik Andreasen apologized for not communicating updates quickly enough to the campus community.

2. Loveland, Colorado has welcomed the Voice of Prophecy to its downtown area. The VOP is leasing 23,800 square feet in of a Chase Bank building after selling its Simi Valley, California, location.

3. Eternal Gospel Church Pastor Raphael Perez, who still claims to be a Seventh-day Adventist even though he is no longer allowed to use the name, continues posting billboards throughout the United States, making emotionally charged claims about the anti-Christ and Virgin Mary sightings.  He welcomes the controversy as proof that he is sharing God’s truth.

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