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Three Angles Headlines: Carson Presidential Run Imminent; Adventist Hospitals in W. Africa Closed


Adventist neurosurgeon turned political figure Dr. Benjamin Carson now places second in an Iowa straw poll behind 2012 presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. Carson has taken the first steps to running for president of the United States. via The Washington Post.


Kenyan Seventh-day Adventist Church members Prisca Kemboi, Grace Osoro, and Kennedy Tai have won the right to worship on Sabbath instead of working. The Kenyan High Court ruled that their employer, Kenya Post Office Savings Bank, must honor their religious convictions, offering them alternative work hours. Read more here.


Sixteen Seventh-day Adventists have died from the Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa. Cooper Hospital and Waterloo Adventist Hospital ave both closed temporarily. Full story here.


Image courtesy Adventist Caricaturist

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