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Tara VinCross Discusses Her Rejection and Acceptance as a Woman Pastor


Count Lisa Arosarena among those initially opposed to Tara VinCross’s arrival as senior pastor of the Chestnut Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church. “I didn’t like the idea, and I didn’t want to be here if that was gonna be what was going on,” Arosarena said.

June Davis agreed. “When the conference president recommended that we have a woman minister, I think we were all quite stunned.”

In this seven-minute round table conversation, members of the Chestnut Hill congregation talk about their experience having Tara VinCross as their pastor, and VinCross shares her experience working within a congregation that was, at first, apprehensive about her being there.

Roundtable video from NAD Adventist on Vimeo.

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