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Sunsetting MySpectrum


We are shutting down the MySpectrum login tool. All Spectrum Conversation users will need to reset their passwords. Not to worry! It’s easy, and all your information will be preserved.
When we launched Spectrum Conversation, we also announced an ancillary tool named MySpectrum. The goal of MySpectrum was to eventually provide a central location to manage your Spectrum journal subscription and your Spectrum Conversation identity. Our development plans have changed since then, and the construction of the journal management has been postponed. This leaves the purpose of MySpectrum as simply the place where you manage your Spectrum Conversation account. This is redundant, as the software that powers Spectrum Conversation can handle accounts itself. For the sake of improving the account workflow, and for technical simplicity, we’ve decided to shut down MySpectrum. This will affect all Spectrum Conversation users in one way: you will need to reset your passwords. You will receive an email when we make the transition pointing to the password reset page. If you don’t see or get that email, you’ll be able to request it again on Spectrum Conversation’s password reset page which will go live when we transition. All future users will not be affected.
We expect to shut down MySpectrum this Friday, January 23rd.
Thank you for your readership!

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