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Sports, Religion, and Social Justice

Some friends of mine, including my cool girlfriend, organized this panel discussion on campus. I thought – in light of Opening Day and all – that the questions might provoke some interesting discussion.

• Do pastors really need to know anything about sports?

• What can sports teams and sports fans teach Christians about community?

• How do athletics serve a liturgical purpose?

• Are sports competing with church in US society? How so? Is that a bad thing?

• What sermon will you give on Super Bowl Sunday?

• What are some ethical implications of the Olympic Games?

• How can sports and religion cooperate to bring about justice and improve people’s lives?

By the way, I’m an avid golfer, basketball and racquetball player, and head out to watch A’s games every once in awhile.

What sports do you play or watch religiously? And how do you answer some of those questions?

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