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Spectrum Tweets Adventist Church Spring Meetings

Spectrum is tweeting from the Spring Meetings (April 17 & 18) at the Adventist headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. Mission initiatives and finances top the agenda.

Jan Paulsen gave the devotional today for the assembled world church executive leaders.

Jan Paulsen, past GC President, in Spring Meeting devotional this morning addressed church unity, mission and ordination of women.


Jan Paulsen re ordination: “Pray that the Spirit will lead … you to get it right where you are.”


Paulsen: “We can only do mission where we are, and that can never be done quite the same way in every culture and every part of the world.”


Paulsen: “Holy Spirit is presently at work to … do mission most effectively everywhere and to keep the family of faith globally united.”


Paulsen: Let us not impose our own private limitations or prejudices on the work of the Holy Spirit. “He will guide you into all truth.”


Also, voted—pending financial arrangements—to hold 2013 Annual Council in Hong Kong, Sept 12-18.

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