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Spectrum media presents. . .Ivan Blazan: Who was Paul?

By Alexander Carpenter with special thanks to Gordon Short.
Introducing a series of three Spectrum Media lectures: On Thursday I’ll post Alden Thompson on Revelation, Inspiration, and Ellen G. White and then on Sabbath I’ll post David Larson on Christian sexual morality. Feel free to use these to provoke some discussion in your Sabbath School class. If you’d like to order a DVD ($33) of these paragons of Adventist thinking (includes Rick Rice), email:
But now here’s: Ivan Blazen, PhD, Professor of Biblical Interpretation and Theology at Loma Linda

He asks: Will the real Paul please stand up?

He also taught at Pacific Union College and for many years
at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary as Professor and Chair of the New
Testament Department. Dr. Blazen did
extensive graduate work at Andrews University and the SDA Theological
Seminary, Union Theological Seminary in New York City, the University
of Heidelberg in Germany, Drew University in New Jersey, and Princeton
Theological Seminary in Princeton, New Jersey, where he received his
PhD degree. In addition to his teaching, writing, and other scholarly
interests, Dr. Blazen is a frequent speaker at church services,
campmeetings, worker’s meetings and other church functions. Two of his
major concerns are to give the Bible a fair hearing in its own time and
place, and then to apply biblical teaching to the practical concerns of
everyday life.
As Pastor Don Gettys mentions in his April 21, 2007 sermon:
When I went to college at Andrews University, my Greek teacher was a
fellow by the name of Ivan Blazen. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of
such a name. And he was a great Greek teacher. And Ivan Blazen defined
grace as God’s unmerited favor given to us. That’s pretty good. And he
went on. In other words, grace is the rich flow of God’s wealth and
covenant blessing to all who accept by faith the merits of Jesus
Christ. You’ve got to accept it.

Here are a couple of his books: A Call to Ministry, Gospel on the Street, The Essential Jesus, Understanding Genesis.  

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