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Spectrum media presents. . .Alden Thompson on Ellen White and inspiration

By Alexander Carpenter with special thanks to Gordon Short.
Continuing our series of Spectrum Media lectures: Alden Thompson discusses Ellen White and the nature of inspiration and revelation. On Sabbath I’ll post David Larson
on Christian sexual morality. Feel free to use these to provoke some
discussion in your Sabbath School class. If you’d like to order a DVD
($33) of these paragons of Adventist thinking (includes Rick Rice), email:
Recently some Spectrum Blog commenters have been edging around the
topic of inspiration. Here’s one of Adventism’s experts on the subject.

Alden Thompson is currently professor of
biblical studies at Walla Walla College. An
ordained minister in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Thompson is a
graduate of Walla Walla College (BA 1965) and Andrews University (MA
1966; BD 1967). Before joining the faculty at WWC, he pastored in
Southeastern California (1967-1970). In 1974 he received his PhD in Old
Testament and Judaic Studies from the University of Edinburgh. His
dissertation was published by Scholars Press in 1977.
primary interests are the Bible, especially the Old Testament, Ellen
White studies, “Inspiration,” and Adventist History. He writes
frequently for Adventist publications. His “Sinai to Golgotha” series
on the growth and development of Ellen White’s experience was published
in the Adventist Review (December 1981). Published books include Who’s Afraid of the Old Testament God? (Paternoster, 1988; Zondervan, 1989; Pacesetters, 2000, 2003); Inspiration: Hard Questions, Honest Answers (Review and Herald, 1991; also translated into German [1998] and Dutch [2002]); and Escape from the Flames: How Ellen White grew from fear to joy and helped me do it too (Pacific Press, 2005).

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