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Seventh-Gay Adventists Film Now Available Online


Seventh-Gay Adventists: A Film About Faith on the Margins is now available online to anyone with an internet connection, its makers announced. Daneen Akers and Stephen Eyer, the couple who produced the film, have released it digitally on their website just in advance of the Holiday Season. It can be streamed from the site, and DVD and Blu-ray copies will be shipping on December 10, Akers said in an email notification to the film’s followers.

The film can be viewed online as many times as viewers would like to see it, and subtitling has been made available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, which more languages to be added. Distribution online and via DVD and Blu-ray was made possible in part by a strong Kickstarter funding campaign, which saw the film bring in over 200% of its original $20,000 goal.

Distribution follows a screening tour that put the film in front of church and college audiences and film festival-goers throughout the United States and abroad. Notable among the many screenings was a showing at the 2013 Frameline37 Film Festival in San Francisco, where audience members received the film very positively.

The film has not been without criticism. Some venues, especially particular Adventist college campuses, refused to allow the film to be shown, requiring Akers and Eyer to find nearby locales where students, faculty and community members interested in the film could still attend. The wider distribution Online and on disc will allow audiences anywhere in the world to access the film and engage with the stories of Adventists caught in a struggle between their faith communities and their identities.

UPDATE: Seventh-Gay Adventists can be viewed free of charge on the SGA website from Wednesday, Nov. 27th to Sunday night, December 1st with the coupon code watchfree. It is DRM-free, and can be synched to phones or other mobile devices.

Watch the Seventh-Gay Adventists trailer:

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