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‘Screw’ Earth Day

As the folks at Grist say, “Earth Day is for amateurs.” Of course it’s a good reminder, but beyond a day, there are lots of ways to live an increasingly sustainable life.

Here’s a good tip on coffee.

Here’s a good tip on tire pressure.

If you haven’t already, I recommend checking out this Adventist Environmental Advocacy post by Sara Goodwin, a first year biology major at Andrews University.

A couple weeks ago, the Andrews University community enjoyed an evening presentation by Peter Sinclair, a member of the organization, The Climate Project, who has worked alongside environmental activists such as Al Gore and many prominent climate scientists. I admit that I was a little skeptical at first since Sinclair is not a scientist, and neither is Al Gore (as much as I enjoyed his video, An Inconvenient Truth). But when he began his presentation by saying, “I am not a scientist — I am just a storyteller, reporting the facts as they have been given to me by the scientists,” I was satisfied.

Sinclair gave a brief overview of some of the issues caused by climate change and addressed several common myths and misconceptions that are tossed around by the skeptics. He also spent quite a bit of time covering ways that people and communities could make a positive environmental difference, focusing mainly on energy conservation. I appreciated his professional, humorous style, especially since this is a subject I’ve heard about over and over (who hasn’t these days?).

Read the rest here.

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