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Science/faith: Determine what appears in the next issue of the journal

By Alexander Carpenter
Friday greetings all. I’ve been tasked again to share some of the best commentary by you in the next issue of the Spectrum journal. Bonnie’s been traveling around Africa interviewing interesting Adventists so the next couple of issues should be particularly enlightening.
I’d like to include a couple of the best posts from the origins discussion in which so many participated so fruitfully. But I’d like the ideas represented to be more than just my own. Therefore, in the comment section below, if you’d like to have a say about what appears in the next Spectrum on our blog community, feel free to copy and paste any number of 119(!) comment posts that stood out to you. (And, yes, you can vote for yourself.) Also, since we’ve played these science/faith notes before, you’re welcome to nominate posts/comments even farther back in time. You can find some in the Science section of Categories on the sidebar.
It’s easy to do, just click on the date at the bottom of each comment and you get the individual URL for that comment. Copy it and then just paste it in the comment section below this post.
And thank you. It’s rare for folks online to have substantive and sourced discussions about anything worthwhile and I personally appreciate all the questions, good ideas, critique, and silent readers who made this happen. Happy Sabbath saints.

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