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Science Sabbath: When should your doctor heed his conscience?

A conversation between Janet D. Stemwedel, Ph. D. and Dr. Peter Lipson M. D. about the power relationships of health care providers and patients.

What are the contemporary issues in the ethics and economics of medicine? For example, should a provider refrain from providing care if she/he finds your behavior/lifestyle immortal? Why do these objections disproportionately come up on issues of women’s health?

Dicussed (click the time to go directly to that topic):

  • When should your doctor heed her conscience? (11:07)
  • The coercive power of a physician (08:26)
  • Misleading patients and the placebo effect (07:20)
  • Clinical trials that never should have happened (09:41)
  • Barriers to fully informed consent (06:03)
  • The occasionally ugly economics of medicine (12:28)
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