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Scenes From a Failed Vote

Saustin Sampson Mfune, associate director of the world church’s Children’s Ministries department, speaks against the NAD’s request.

NAD Treasurer G. Tom Evans speaks in support of his division’s request. “I want the North American Division to grow,” he said. “We think this is one of the ways that will help us do that.”

Shirley Chang, a lay delegate from North America, addresses the chair in support of the NAD’s request.

Adventist Vice President Ella Simmons addresses the chair at Annual Council in support of the NAD’s request. West-Central Africa Division President Gilbert Wari waits his turn to address the chair.

Former Adventist Church President Jan Paulsen addresses the chair at Annual Council in support of the NAD’s request.

One of several ushers distributes secret ballots to delegates.

Representatives from the General Conference Secretariat counted ballots. 

North American Division President Dan Jackson offers his appreciation to Adventist Church President Ted N. C. Wilson for the discussion, even though his request for commissioned ministers to be allowed to serve as conference presidents did not pass the Executive Committee by a vote of 117 to 167. Despite a few comments from various delegates he felt were insulting, he said the church could handle even more complicated issues with healthy discussion.

Photos courtesy of Ansel Oliver/ANN. Copyright All rights reserved by Adventist News Network

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